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Emily and Tyler's Wedding at Captain Bluff, Saint Simon's Island

bride and groom sunset Wedding Captain Bluff, Saint Simons Island
Emily and Tyler Wedding at Captain Bluff, Saint Simons Island

Emily and Tyler's wedding at Captain Bluff in Saint Simon's Island is more than just a union of two individuals. It's a story of fate and how a chance encounter with a helpful crossing guard led to the meeting of two families and eventually, the formation of a beautiful relationship.

It all started back in 2004 when Tyler moved to Albany, GA, and got lost on his way to his new school. The crossing guard noticed him and offered him directions, leading to the meeting of Tyler's and Emily's families. Over the years, the two families grew closer, even though Tyler moved back to Mississippi to complete high school and join the US Marine Corps.

Despite living in separate states, Emily and Tyler stayed in touch and eventually met formally in 2012 during a family trip to Georgia. They began communicating long distance, and when Emily decided where to attend college, Tyler convinced her to visit the University of Southern Mississippi, where he was studying. She was sold on the school and began attending in August 2013. That's when their relationship officially began, and they started conquering life events together, such as college graduations and a long-distance relationship due to jobs in separate states.

They eventually settled down in Raleigh, NC, and worked hard to build a happy and successful life. The day came when Tyler proposed, and after nine years of being together, they were more than excited to tie the knot and join their families together.

Emily and Tyler's wedding is a testament to the power of fate and the impact that chance encounters can have on our lives. It's a celebration of the people who played a role in their journey and a reminder that sometimes, getting lost and asking for directions can lead to something beautiful. Congratulations to Emily and Tyler, and may their love story continue to inspire others.

Sparkler Exit at Emily and Tyler's wedding at Captain Bluff, Saint Simons Island
Sparkler Exit at Emily and Tyler's Wedding

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